Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Fusia is an Asian fusion restaurant that is fancy yet cozy. The services here is terrific. It all beginnings when you enter the doors they greet you with a smile and ask how many. Then they sit you at a table and the waiters are really nice.

After looking at the drink menu for a while I ask them about their coconut and tapioca drink. They say it is sweet and refreshing and I must agree. As soon as I tasted it I decided it would be my dessert. Even now just writing about it I crave to be drinking it. I also had another drink there a short while ago, it was called fusion drink. It had tropical fruits such as pineapple, mango blended with ice and coconut milk. It also tasted good but I recommend the coconut drink.

I ordered mushroom dumplings as my appetizer. I did not like them one bit. They tasted funny and were dry. the dipping sauce they came with tasted yummy. I just wish I had something to put it on.

My entree was chinese mixed vegetables and tofu. It had a large mix of vegetables but it had celery which is one of the vegetables that I don't really like. The tofu was fried but it wasn't oily and absorbed the flavors of the sauce really well. The dish itself wasn't that special but it tasted good. I liked the way they presented their rice in a tall cone shape.

My meal was not something extraordinary but I really loved the drink. The service is friendly and open. And the place itself is beautiful and warm. Over all this is a good restaurant I think I just have to find the right entree to make it sparkle.

972 2nd Ave,
New York 10022 (Btwn 51st & 52nd St)

Saturday, December 29, 2007

restaurants that will be missed (part 2)

I have you ever been to a restaurant that is run by a family where the food is home cooked and the atmosphere is cozy and not fancy. Little Bangkok was one of those restaurants. There was no decoration just wood panels and tables all over. Yet I have to say it was a special place.
It didn't have a lot of vegan food thai food but the food that it did have was pretty delicious. It had simple meals like vegetables and tofu with peanut sauce and a vegetable tofu soup that sooth the stomach. I can't say that it was the best thai food I ever ate but it was home made. You know it was fresh because depending on the amount of people that were there it took them longer to get your order. Just thinking about the restuarant now it makes me sad to know that i won't ever be able to go back to this wonderful basement floor thai restaurant. It is a shamed that over night it just closed down.